Hard Drive Destruction

  • Certified Destruction Specialists
  • On-Site Destruction of Hard Drives
  • HD Serial Number Recorded
  • Certificate of Destruction Provided
  • Secure Recycling Facility (R2 & ISO14001 Certified)
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Ensure Complete Destruction of Your Hard Drives

Since 2013 there have been over 9 billion files compromised or stolen due to theft. With the average breach costing Corporations over 3 million dollars, assigning resources to manage and protect their reputations is a must. Did you know the average cost to fix a security breach for a small business is over $600,000? Having the right policy and procedures in place for managing, storing, and destroying your hard drives or other media lowers your risk.

This is where Renewed Solutions can help your team identify your need, reduce your potential risks, and create a plan to manage, store, and destroy your media securely.

Understand Your Needs

1. What type of media do you have? (Hard Drives, DVDs, X-Rays, etc.)
2. What volume and at what frequency do you need destruction?
3. What are the costs associated with managing them now?

Understand Your Risks

1. What destruction or recycling methods are you using now?
2. Is there a policy in place for managing your media?
3. What are the risks associated with your current process?

Create a Plan

1. Create a standard operating procedure.
2. Document, implement, and then teach.
3. Hold your employees accountable to ensure compliance.

We Perform

1. On-site destruction of media by a certified partner.
2. Certificate of Destruction provided for your records.
3. Secure recycling facility (R2 & ISO14001 Certified).


Is your business secure? With 9 billion records compromised to date, can your company afford a security breach? Let Renewed Solutions provide a free risk assessment and simplified solutions that employees will adopt.

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Did you know that paper accounts for 25% of material placed in our landfills? Worse, electronic waste accounts for over 20 million tons of toxic waste each year. Let Renewed Solutions show you how your business can do its part to reduce waste.

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Has your company evaluated its compliance requirements for retaining and destroying confidential information? With only 47% of US businesses shredding and less than 28% providing employee compliance training, your business may be at risk.

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Erasing Hard Drives Isn’t Enough.

In Order to be Completely Safe and Compliant, You MUST Destroy Them!

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