Electronic Recycling

Did you know less than 12% of our electronic waste is being recycled in the United States? E-Waste is a growing problem as technology continues to advance while the devices’ life expectancies continue to decrease. The EPA estimates over 30 million tons of electronic waste will be disposed of in 2018. Worse, E-waste is toxic to our land and water and accounts for 25% of our landfills waste.

This is where Renewed Solutions can help your team be environmentally responsible while ensuring your company data is secure. We build programs that teach businesses how to improve their security and compliance while keeping all paper and electronics safely out of our landfills. Let our team help your company adopt secure and sustainable solutions today.


Hard Drive Destruction

Did you know that proper destruction of hard drives is a federal and state law? (Texas Information Disposal Act HB 698) Cyber-attacks and theft threaten your business, but did you know that 90% of breaches effect small businesses. With the average cost of fixing a data breach being over 3 million dollars; your business must protect itself and eliminate all risks where data can be compromised. This is where Renewed Solutions can help your team securely remove the risks associated with data on outdated equipment. We are a certified, perform removal and shred destruction of hard drives onsite, and provide a certificate of destruction to show your company is compliant. Let our team help protect your company today.


Document Shredding

Did you know that the United States consumes 80 trillion tons of paper each year? Worse, over 170 million documents were compromised or stolen in 2017 alone. Did you know that shredding documents is a federal and state law? (Texas Information Disposal Act HB 698) While you may think your business is paperless, it’s not. This is where Renewed Solutions can help your business adopt an all shred policy that removes the risk associated with employees deciding what documents are confidential and ensures all paper is 100% shredded and recycled.



Is your business secure? With 9 billion records compromised to date, can your company afford a security breach? Let Renewed Solutions provide a free risk assessment and simplified solutions that employees will adopt.
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Did you know that paper accounts for 41% of all material placed in our landfills? Worse, the U.S. disposes over 30 million tons of toxic Electronic waste each year. Let Renewed Solutions help your business adopt simple and sustainable solutions to reduce its waste.
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Does your company comply with Federal and State compliance laws surrounding data and media disposal? With only 47% of US businesses shredding and less than 28% providing employee training, your business may be at risk. Let Renewed Solutions help your team comply today.
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Does your office have a clean desk policy?

Let our team transform your office by removing the risk and clutter associated with documents being unsecured at your workstations
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