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Which Shred Service is Right For You?

Purge Shredding Services

Purge Shredding is a great solution for destroying documents prior to moving clearing storage spaces of files that have exceeded their retention period.  We make the process easy by listening to your needs and providing the best cost solution for your purge.

Services offered:

-On-site Shredding Destruction for all Documents and Hard Drives. (Commercial & Residential).

-Equipment rental for your Scan and Purge projects.

-Full Service Digitize/scanning services prior to purging.

-Bulk Shredding destruction solutions for jobs larger than 1000 boxes.

Renewed Solutions has the resources to manage your purge needs quickly and on budget. Whether your documents are in file boxes, in filing cabinets, or lying on the floor, our team will manage loading all material into our secure totes to shred onsite.

Why Renewed Solutions:

AAA NAID Certified On-Site Shredder
Licensed and Insured (Government, Medical, and Commercial requirements).
Compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, GLB, SOX, and additional state and federal regulations.

Responsive: Quote & book your job in minutes.
Reliable: We show up when we say we will.
Full Service: Simply point our team to your documents and they will load, transport and shred all material on-site.

Regular Shred Services

Having the right document shredding partner is critical. This is where Renewed Solutions separates itself from the competition. Our team takes the time to understand your business needs and create customized plans to ensure all documents are securely stored and destroyed.

Does your business allow employees to place documents in the trash or recycle bins? Does your business use personal shredders? These methods of disposal DO NOT meet Federal and State compliance laws and leave your business at risk of costly fines and lawsuits.

What does being Compliant mean?

– There is a formal written policy for the retention and destruction of all media in place.

– That your business communicates, trains, and measures these policies.

– That any document containing two fields of customer or employee information are securely stored and destroyed.

– That the company documents when, how and by whom your documents are destroyed

With the average security breach in 2017 costing over $3.62 million dollars, why risk your reputation or livelihood. Do the smart thing by partnering with Renewed Solutions.

The Value of choosing Renewed Solutions:

Free Risk Assessment: We can determine if your business compliant or is it at risk?

Create a plan: We help your team create simple policy that meets all compliance laws.

Secure Equipment: Personal Desk Units, professional consoles, and large totes to match your paper needs.

Certified & Compliant: We are AAA NAID Certified Onsite Shredding provider.

Reliable: We show up on time and respond to your call-in needs.

Flexible: Service schedules that match your paper volumes.

Consistent: Weekly, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or Will Call.

Sustainable Solutions: 100% of your paper is recycled.

Remove Liability: We manage the destruction and recycling of all documents

Poof of destruction: Certificate of Destruction provided after each service.

Whether you don’t shred, have a personal shredder, or have a shredding provider now; Renewed Solutions is the right partner to ensure your business is safe.

Free Risk Assessment today to learn where your business can improve.

Shred Events

Shred Events are for government or business customers who want to enhance their reputation while helping their local communities reduce the risk of identity theft. Whether you’re a business looking to grow your client base or a local municipality looking to enhance the reputation of your city, Renewed Solutions will come to your location with a shred truck and staff for a set period of time to shred all materials brought to us by your invited guests.

How Does It Work?

We arrive at a location of your choosing; be it a park, business, police department, or other public location. As your guests drive up, we place all of their materials into a secure 96 gallon cart. The shredding truck picks up and dumps the carts contents directly into the shredder for immediate shredding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum amount of hours?
Yes. There is a two (2) hour minimum for shred events.

What’s the best day to host a shred event?
Most shred events occur on a Saturday morning. Saturdays seems to draw the biggest crowds.

How much is it going to cost?
Cost varies according to the number of hours required for your event. For an exact quote, call us toll free  at (844) 392-7473 or complete the request a quote form.

How far in advance should we schedule our shred event?
Saturdays are limited, so it’s recommended to schedule your event at least 4 weeks in advance in order to reserve a spot.


Is your business secure? With 9 billion records compromised to date, can your company afford a security breach? Let Renewed Solutions provide a free risk assessment and simplified solutions that employees will adopt.

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Did you know that paper accounts for 25% of material placed in our landfills? Worse, electronic waste accounts for over 20 million tons of toxic waste each year. Let Renewed Solutions show you how your business can do its part to reduce waste.

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Has your company evaluated its compliance requirements for retaining and destroying confidential information? With only 47% of US businesses shredding and less than 28% providing employee compliance training, your business may be at risk.

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Make Sure You’re Compliant!

Outsourcing Your Shredding Is More Secure And Less Expensive Than Shredding It Yourself.

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